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Product Details - NSWGR ACM branchline sleeping car

NSWGR ACM branchline sleeping car
NSWGR ACM branchline sleeping car

Part No: NSW69VK10

The ACM branch line composite sleeping cars were converted from Dean bogie, BX first class carriages commencing in 1931. A total of ten (799, 2045, 1838, 2047, 1725, 1945, 655, 666,730 & 1723) were constructed, with the last entering service in 1936. Each had one first class, three sleeping and two second class compartments, giving a capacity of six sleeping, six first class and sixteen second class passengers. Two (730 and 799) had their Dean bogies replaced by 2AN bogies. All were originally fitted with ball type ventilators. By the 1960s these had been replaced by torpedo vents on all except 1725 and 1945. They remained available for use until 1973.

The kit is supplied with solid pewter buffers. If the purchaser wishes to install sprung buffers the buffers supplied by Waratah Models with its PHG Guards Van kit are recommended.

$AUD 450
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